The Story of mPower Athletics

What’s happening at “One Stop Fun” in Westford?  Well, if you haven’t been by in awhile . . . a lot!  And, it’s more than just the new name – mPower Athletics.

The idea started in March 2020, as the world was coming to a grinding halt.  We had some tough decisions to make at the time about the future of the business, with shutdowns, capacity limitations, operating restrictions and more looming in the foreseeable future.  We could have (as many in our industry did), just shut off the lights and let employees go.  Or, we could tighten our belts, double down and bet on our key team members to reimagine how we would do business in the new reality.  We chose the latter path and haven’t looked back. 

Our first step was to gather our leadership team and confirm everyone’s understanding of our “WHY.”  While we want to do many things and be many things to many people, our baseline goal is to provide young people with a place where they can learn, laugh, challenge themselves (mentally and physically) and walk out the door feeling better than when they entered.  In other words, we want to empower our clients (hence, the name mPower Athletics).

Empower (verb) – /imˈpouər/ – to make (someone)
stronger and more confident.

With that in mind, we used the opportunity provided by the Covid-19 shutdown(s) and slowdown(s) to reimagine how we did everything.  We pared back our offerings to allow our staff to focus on and master the things we do really well.  During the times we couldn’t open to the public or when business was slow, our rockstar team members picked up paint brushes, grabbed mops and brooms, and set about making the facility the cleanest, brightest and best it has ever been.  We invested in new HVAC equipment to improve airflow throughout the facility.  We redesigned our activity and viewing areas to provide our clients spacious areas in which to enjoy our programs.  We replaced worn equipment and purchased new and exciting equipment to further enhance our clients’ experiences with us.  Heck, we even hosted a Hollywood production here at the facility to achieve some of our upgrade goals (thanks, Dexter!).  And, we’re not done yet.  With our new mindset of continuous improvement, we’ve developed a long-range capital improvement plan that will allow us to just get better and better. 

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