Parent/Tot Gymnastics: THE Best Way To Bond With Baby

Parent-Tot Gymnastics (also called “Mommy/Daddy & Me” classes) are one of the BEST ways to start bonding with your little one once they get moving and grooving! If you’re debating on whether you should sign up for a class, here are a few reasons you should go for it:

Teach Them About Movement & Staying Active

Parent-Tot classes are generally geared towards little ones who have just started walking, which means teaching them early the importance of staying active! It’s also a great way to get them used to the new world of movement that walking gives them, building coordination and balance!

A Great Way To Socialize

Our Parent-Tot classes typically have a 10:1 ratio of students (and parents) to teacher. That means lots of potential new friends! This environment is a great one to get your baby meeting other babies in a fun, safe environment where you’re fully able to monitor them.

Plus, it’s a great social activity for parents, too! You’re bound to meet other parents who are eager to make new friends, and the potential for playdates is ENDLESS!

Build Your Bond With Baby By Having Fun

Along with meeting and bonding with other parents, you and your child’s relationship will get closer than ever in a Parent-Tot class. You’ll have fun teaching them how to do exercises and activities, and they’ll love getting to play with you!

Still not sure if a Parent-Tot is the right fit for you and your baby? Come in and try a complimentary trial class at mPower, and you’ll see the fun and love that can build between parent and child in an active atmosphere. Head over to our class page to learn more!

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