Give Yourself A Night Out While Your Kids Have Fun

Let’s be honest, parents: when was the last time you went out, withOUT the kids? If you can’t remember the last time you did, then obviously it’s time for you to drop your kids off at mPower Athletics for a Parents Night Out!

Once a month, we give parents the chance to have a nice night to themselves, whether that’s going out to dinner, catching a movie, or even just enjoying a quiet house to themselves for a couple hours. There’s no worrying about what your kids are up to (or what the state of your house will be), because we keep them right here for a night of supervised fun. Here’s what they’ll be up to while you’re out and about:

Having Fun With New Friends

Our 18,000 sq. ft. facility and all its equipment are open for kids to use under the watchful eyes of our first aid and CPR-certified staff. This includes our gymnastics and ninja rooms, inflatable slide, and trampolines. With all these activities, it means lots of opportunities to meet kids!

They also spend three whole hours with us playing and doing all sorts of fun activities, with no devices in sight! Not only do they get a bunch of active fun that they need, but they’ll be all tuckered out by bedtime when you pick them up.

Trying New Things

Every Parents Night Out features games, crafts, and other activities that allow kids to try things they’ve never done before and have fun while doing it! Every month has its own special theme, with activities like cupcake decorating, ninja training, and more!

Plus, the more time they spend at our facility, the more comfortable they’ll get with our equipment, meaning they can start gaining the confidence to try things they used to be certain they could never do!

Getting A Pizza Party

Every Parents Night Out has dinner covered with a pizza party! Kids enjoy delicious pizza and fruit punch or water, the perfect way to fuel up after all the playing they’ve done.

We also have plenty of options ready for any dietary requirements, so just be sure to let us know so your child can still have a blast, even if their diet is a little different!

So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself AND your kids to a Parents Night Out, where you can both have a fun evening that you’ll want to make a monthly tradition! Check out our programs page to learn more!

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